Pamela Anderson

Artist, Activist, Author… 
Best known for her roles in Baywatch, VIP, Barb Wire and Borat…
And – for her 20 years of relentless Activism – 
Protecting Animals, the Environment and vulnerable people –
Her foundation Pamela Anderson Foundation supports people on the front lines… Including an edgy activist tenure program.  – 
Determined to make a difference. 
The Sensual Vegan – is a ‘super- natural’ brand extension. 
Along with her 
Vegan beach boots (pammies) (10 years in the making) (made from recycled electronic waste)  launching exclusively at Ron Robinson’s in Fall/2015 in LA…
Her sexy Vegan shoe and handbag line designed together with Amelie Pichard will be launching in December in NY and Paris. . 
More to come… 
Her RAW coffee table book (a decade’s back stage reportage by photographer Emma Dunlavey – layered with Pamela’s very personal poetry and journals – (available to pre order on Amazon)…in stores Sept 1– proceeds from each book go to
She is writing her next book – 
The Sensual Vegan (Spring/2016) along with an ‘Aphrodesiac’ vegan cook book with her co chef Delahna Flagg- and more- 
Full of passion and surprises. 
Happiest when working for her causes. 
Being – a mom to 2 teenage boys- and mentoring a few strays – 
Having the freedom to do what she loves 
Working on experimental, Indie and art house films – more character driven roles- film festivals, and shooting similarly for obscure, interesting fashion magazines. 
Act 2 of her life – 
Continuing to bring meaning to all she does. 
Ageing proactively. 
“Victimless in a cruel … and judgemental world-
Beauty is ageless, 
Compassion is Sexy, 
Empathy is Everything, 
Love is an unrequited…dream to me..”
Stay tuned…